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Taka Taira-Kaplan

Specification Support, In-House Photographer

Taka Taira is from Tokyo, but like many people who are serious about a lighting career, he applied and was accepted at Penn State University’s Lighting Program, graduating with a Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering. Taka worked for a few internationally recognized lighting design firms for more than eight years before joining 16500 in 2014. He is a specification support lead at 16500, working on lighting layouts and photometric studies and recommendations on light fixtures. Taka is also our in-house photographer, creating an archive of the company’s completed projects. Prior to that he worked in a computer lab helping foreign students do mind-numbing things like using a zip drive. Taka loves fooling around in the kitchen—his current favorite is dry-fry chicken with Sichuan peppercorn sauce. He’s doing some mad scientist plant experiments in his garden and practices aikido when the mood strikes. He’s fascinated by the Bay Area’s vast array of artisanal cocktails and feels compelled to sample as many as possible.

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