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Synergy Lighting Controls/Acuity

Synergy Lighting Controls/Acuity

Products for dimming, switching, integrated and distributed control, daylight harvesting and controllable breakers.

Architectural dimming and switching. DMX interface. BMS integration via native BACnet, BACnet IP. Ethernet options for remote monitoring and programming. Wallbox dimmers. Synergy Lighting Controls are based on a centralized, panel-based system. Application spans open office, private office, auditorium, lobby and exterior site.

Synergy features include:

  • In open office areas, light is controlled on a zone basis--it automatically comes on in the morning to greet employees. After a warning blink at the end of the workday, lighting is automatically switched off. Employees working after hours respond to the warning blink of the lighting by pressing a few keys on their phones to extend the lighted period.
  • For lobby lighting, a photocell is set to increase the level of feature lighting in the lobby during the day to maintain sunlight balance. This photocell operation is automatically disabled on weekends.
  • For auditorium lighting, dimming-control stations with preset scenes provide appropriate light levels for all activities held in the auditorium--presentations require low light levels while meetings need brighter levels. Smooth transitions between preset scenes are made by simply touching a button on the control station.
  • Exterior and site lighting is automatically turned on in the evening. An astronomic feature in the logic allows the system to calculate sunrise and sunset times for the local area. Most exterior lighting is turned off by schedule to conserve energy and reduce sky glow.