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Interior and exterior light fixtures, featuring distinctive European style and performance optics.

Selux makes both indoor and outdoor architectural products for the commercial environment. "Semper Lux", or always light.

The original linear luminaire was made by Selux. Today Selux perfects the philosophy of modular lighting components. Selux is known for its environmental sustainability through Dark Sky-approved luminaires, emission-free industrial complexes, solvent-free coatings and solar energy projects. The company has built a reputation for taking risks to achieve design goals and improve the quality of its products.

When Hermann Bansbach started his company in Berlin in 1948, the city still lay in ruins, with hardly any electricity or light. Hermann Bansbach brought light into this dark time by brightening up the lives of Berliners with simple, affordable, battery-powered lamps. As a leader in the development of architectural lighting systems, Selux is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing in the US.


Selux Quickship was designed to meet the ...