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Streetlight monitoring system that minimizes the total life cycle cost of a lighting network while enhancing safety, sustainability and maintenance.

ROAM® is a state-of-the-art lighting control and monitoring system for exterior lighting that provides ON/OFF/DIM control right down to the specific fixture. ROAM® cuts annual energy and maintenance costs through proactive and efficient lighting management, without sacrificing safety and security.

How it works. ROAM® consists of a mesh network of intelligent photocontrols, or nodes, used to control 70-1000W 120- 480VAC LED, HID and other fixtures. Nodes monitor fixture performance and operating conditions, and execute commands based on inputs such as schedules and daylight levels. Information collected about fixture performance is wirelessly transmitted to a gateway and passed on to a server, where it is graphically displayed at a customer workstation.

There are two basic ROAM® platforms:

  1. ROAMview™--self-hosted, single-property lighting control system.
  2. ROAM®--large-scale, multiple-site street/area lighting control system, either self-hosted (Enterprise) or serviced (Concierge).


A single parking lot, utilities, multisite commercial/industrial, large universities and campuses and municipalities are applications for ROAM® lighting systems. With numerous deployments across the US and Canada, ROAM® is a proven leader in wireless-control solutions.