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Poles Central/Acuity

Poles Central/Acuity

  • Steel Poles are most commonly used today because of low cost, strength and available finishes. More than 60% of poles sold in the U.S. are steel—they are cost-effective, ideal for higher mounting heights and easier to modify for unique applications.
  • Aluminum poles are the perfect solution for corrosive environments, such as ocean salt spray and chemicals on winter roadways. Aluminum poles are made from 6061 or 6063, aluminum-alloy seamless extruded tubes. They are heat-treated after welding to produce a T6 temper. Aluminum poles are lightweight, low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant and available for both anchor base and direct-burial installation.
  • Fiberglass poles are nonconductive, lightweight and easy to install. Fiberglass is colorfast throughout the pole and doesn’t rust.
  • Wood poles are laminated, lightweight, easy-to-install and environmentally green. Ideally suited for parks, pedestrian walkways, recreational trails and other rustic settings, they are treated for protection from decay and insect damage without chemicals that harm the environment.