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Patrick Schaeffer

Quotations: Santa Clara

Patrick Schaeffer grew up in Simi Valley, but he moved to the Bay Area for college and never left. He graduated from St. Mary’s with a degree in Sociology—a long way from the lighting industry, but he began a training program with manufacturers rep Ewing Foley and has gone on to accumulate a broad range of industry experience. He worked in
inside sales for Ewing Foley in Auburn, CA. At Wesco Santa Clara, he worked in quotations and project management; and he was CED San Jose’s purchasing manager for two years.

Patrick has a wide range of interests. He goes to a live concert in San Francisco at least once/month, and his music tastes are eclectic—anything except country. He’s a huge hockey fan, and sports
loyalties run strong and deep; he still roots for the Anaheim Ducks.

Patrick plays trivia once a week with the same group of guys, a team named Tequila Mockingbird; he’s the one sipping on his favorite rye whiskey. Patrick goes to Tahoe as often as he can; snowshoeing
in winter and renting a boat in the summer to get out on the lake—he loves the quiet beauty and solitude.

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