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OLED Lighting Design Center featuring products designed to integrate with architecture.

OLED lighting introduces a design paradigm where technology, architecture and lighting intersect. An OLED by its very nature is a planar area source, with a uniform glow and rich color. Easy to handle and cool to the touch, the emitted light from an OLED is calm, comfortable and glare-free, even without shrouds and diffusers.

OLED lighting provides distinctive design statements for a wide range of industries, including hospitality, healthcare and residential and corporate buildings. OLEDs provide focal points of sculpted light, and at the same time can provide horizontal and vertical illumination for numerous tasks.

Smaller-scale sculptural pieces can be created for accent pathway lighting; panels can be linked together in flowing sheets or organic meandering patterns to light an entire room, create a visual destination, integrate with furnishings or provide graceful transitions. OLED exceeds energy codes, and its high quality, flexibility of control and ability to create either a microcosmic space around itself or be part of a larger open area are what consistently set it apart.