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Powerful distributed intelligence controls.

Fully distributed CAT 5 digital topology integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting controls. Extremely scalable and flexible from a plug-and-play standalone room to network an entire building/facility/campus. Web-based software for granular monitoring and programming.

nLIGHT connects intelligent digital devices, including occupancy sensors, photocells, power/relay packs, wall switches, dimmers, panels and luminaires to create powerful “distributed intelligence” that can be configured in limitless ways to meet lighting needs and codes.

nLIGHT offers “distributed intelligence,” meaning that every single device in every zone or network is digitally addressable. However, unlike other digital lighting control systems, every nLIGHT device is empowered to make its own switching and dimming decisions. nLIGHT’s unmatched design flexibility allows for more elegant and cost-effective designs that minimize device count and wiring.