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Lighting Control & Design (LC&D)/Acuity

Lighting Control & Design (LC&D)/Acuity

Lighting controls, relay panels, digital switches, daylight harvesting and graphical software.

Flexible, robust, centralized and/or distributed, digital panel solutions. Switching, 0-10V dimming and daylighting. BMS integration, both wired and wireless solutions.

Current limiting panels and smart breaker panels. LC&D is recognized for using the best technology to manufacture simple, flexible lighting controls. The company is completely scalable, with global products and support.

The heart of the company’s lighting controls is the GR 2400 system--suitable for any sized project, from a parking lot, to a retail store to a large city highrise. The GR 2400 System is a 100% digital solution whose scalability eliminates having to make complex choices.

Lighting Control & Design’s other products include dimming interfaces, building automation interfaces and digital thermostats--all within a single system. The GR 2400 system was developed as a complete vertically engineered package. Pure-based digital control. LC&D, founded in 1987, was born out of the demand for an accessible lighting control system from building owners and the engineering community.