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News for 08.17.15

Kona Projector

Projectors, floodlights and wallwashers Accent lighting with projectors can give a specific emphasis to individual spatial areas or objects in the room. For functional reasons, the extensive range of accessories such as filters and lenses is integrated within the housing. Floodlights with axially symmetrical light distribution are ideal for general lighting, whereas asymmetrical floodlights are particularly suited to the even illumination of surfaces.

Specification Features

  • 6 distinct distributions in 3 different sizes
  • 42W narrow spot projector delivers 21Fc at 100' away in a 6° beam
  • Superior efficiency delivers 3x more light than competitors - Enhanced visual comfort with internal black lacquered anti-dazzle cone
  • Graduations for precision setting with 90° tilt, 240° rotatable
  • Housing is made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum, IP65 rated
  • Integral electronic control gear in 120V/277V, 60Hz - L80/B10 allows the use of lower wattage or fewer fixtures than L70/B50
  • Great retrofit opportunities for up to 250W Metal Halide floodlights

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