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Specification grade, architectural downlighting--all lamp sources.

  • LED General Illumination. High-quality downlighting luminaires for applications that demand high efficiency and superior optical control.
  • LED Specialty. From vandal resistant to install-from-below to shallow plenum and hospital exam room luminaires.
  • LED Wallwash. A variety of open and lensed wallwash products to help achieve a smooth, continuous pattern of light across vertical surfaces. Advanced optics combine reflection and refraction technologies for superior uniformity, distributing the light with exact precision.
  • LED Wet Location. Luminaires are designed to provide ingress protection against moisture such as humidity and rain, as well as the rigorous cleaning required in the food service industry.

Gotham was founded in 1938 in New York City by Harry Gerstel, a devotee of well-known architect and lighting pioneer, Richard Kelly. The company's early focus on architectural integration, optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes resulted in Gotham’s quickly becoming one of the most respected names in architectural lighting. The firm's working relationship with Richard Kelly's office established an extraordinarily high standard in commercial downlighting that became Gotham's trademark, which has continued to this day.

Gerstel was driven by several trends--the advancing technology of electric lamps, which were quickly replacing gas lamps, and the growing international influence of modernist architects, whose preference for minimalist interiors called for light sources that were hidden from view.