DLC listed

Beghelli Group

Established emergency and general lighting.

Energy Focus

Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficient LED lighting products, and a developer of energy efficient lighting technology.


Industry leader for in-grade, underwater and flood lighting products--all lamp sources.

Lightahome Residential/Acuity

Quality indoor and outdoor residential lighting solutions that are functional, attractive and energy-efficient.

Lithonia Lighting/Acuity

Most comprehensive manufacturer of products for all lighting needs--all lamp sources.


Industry leader in optical design for linear products.

Prudential Lighting

U.S.A. manufacturer of inspired architectural interior ambient LED luminaires

SpecGrade LED

Cost-effective, energy-saving illumination solutions for indoor and outdoor applications that require bright, shadow-free security and spot.

TLI Teron Lighting

TLI is a leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions.