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Bartco Lighting

Bartco Lighting

Specification-grade, low-profile linear and compact fluorescent fixtures.

Leading the Way and Lighting It™. Bartco Lighting has been manufacturing high-quality, specification-grade, linear fluorescent strip fixtures for more than 20 years. Bartco Lighting introduced many firsts in the lighting industry and has become a valued asset to architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers and distributors around the world. The evolution from manufacturer to a partner in design is a Bartco Lighting strength.

Bartco is now incorporating LEDs into many of its most popular strip-lighting forms. Suitable for retail and commercial applications, the high-quality, innovative new LED design solutions are what customers know and expect from the Bartco line.

Bartco’s products span application—commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, house of worship, residential. Bartco is also known for its custom-designed products. Represented globally by more than 30 agencies, Bartco Lighting products are made in America by skilled IBEW tradesmen in Huntington Beach, CA. Bartco is proud of its community- and family-owned spirit, dedication, innovation and commitment to customer service.