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Ayse Aktari

Specification Sales Specialist

Ayse helps with design and fixture selection for both specifiers and contractors. Along with special projects, including the design of 16500’s Emeryville office, she works closely with the Contractor, Distributor, Sales and Quotations teams. Ayse may have been born in Connecticut, but both of her parents were Turkish. The family moved back to Turkey when she was 9; it’s there that she grew up, went to college and completed a five-year MFA program in Graphic Design. She then did the only sensible thing—packed up and moved to California, where she fell into the lighting industry and worked at Peerless Lighting for many years. Ayse has worked at 16500 since the beginning and has an overload of technical detail swimming around in her brain. Ayse isn’t all about technical data; she’s a creative person and loves cracking a killer NYT crossword puzzle, reads mystery novels, cooks up a storm, though she hates to bake. What you don’t know about Ayse: She keeps a WWWP Folder: What’s Wrong With People. Don’t Ask.

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